Fitness Challenge Finale: After Photos

So all of you are aware of my 8 week fitness challenge with Memphis Fitness Kickboxing. Well...the challenge has come to an end and the results were a positive! I have noticed a firmer body and more definition. 

I did notice my back becoming more defined. After having my baby it seems that the main area of concern for "fluffiness" is my back and sides. I have to work extra hard to keep this area trim. One of the reasons I chose to get my tattoo on my back is because I know how obsessive I would be to keep it looking good. In order to keep my tat pretty and smooth, I have to constantly work my back muscles to keep them tight. I would still like to focus more on this area for more definition, but it's nothing another 2 months of focused fitness can't fix!

I highly recommend Memphis Fitness Kickboxing for real results and to even learn some self defense mechanisms. 


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