INTERVIEW SERIES: Fashion Blogger and Future Psychologist - Ameera Khan

Being a fashion, beauty, business, and mommy blogger isn't always about sharing my experiences, favorite products, and fashion/beau...

Being a fashion, beauty, business, and mommy blogger isn't always about sharing my experiences, favorite products, and fashion/beauty tutorials. I get to meet some pretty amazing women along the way and I think as ladies in the business world, it is our job to do our due diligence to share each other's stories and businesses. This month I am going to introduce you to a fabulous, fairly new Illinois based fashion blogger, Ameera Khan! All clothing items featured in this interview post are from The Ivory Closet!

ME: What inspired you to become a blogger? 

I have actually had my "official blog" for only a month now, but I have began creating and sharing beauty looks on instagram 4 years ago.  Initially it started off as a passion for beauty- I would recreate looks made by my favorite beauty gurus, and share with my followers.  As time passed, I had the opportunity to work with some of my favorite makeup brands, and began sharing more about fashion and other things happening in my life.  I never created an official website,  because I wanted to make sure I had something unique, and meaningful to share with my followers.  It was after I began my masters in psychology, when I realized what that was.  Since then, I share beauty, fashion, and beauty beneath with my followers.  This highlights the importance and necessity of having a strong sense of inner beauty, before focusing on any other aspects of it.  This is what truly has inspired me to become an influencer.  Being able to share pieces of my life with people, and relating with them, in order to help them feel beautiful both on the inside and outside.

ME: How would you describe your writing style?
 My writing style is very casual.  I write all my posts as if I am conversing with a friend.  This allows my readers to better relate and connect with me, which gives them a better experience.  The main theme of my blog is to empower and motivate my readers to be the best self that they can possibly be, not only for others, but, more importantly, for themselves.

ME: What would you say is your greatest blogging accomplishment?
My greatest accomplishment this far for my blog has been the overwhelming amount of positive feedback the beauty beneath section has gotten.  Previously, I would have said being recognized by brands, but after being recognized by my subscribers or frequent visitors, I feel as if my blog has achieved it's purpose.  My goal was to positively impact at least one person, and I feel as if I have surpassed that goal.

ME: Is blogging your full time gig?
Blogging is not a full time gig for me.  Although, I do try to blog almost every day, whether that is posting photos, or writing, I am currently getting my masters in psychology.  This degree will allow me to better understand people and eventually expand my beauty beneath section.

ME: What is a typical day in the life of Ameera like?
A typical day in the life of Ameera is pretty busy.  I just got a new puppy (who is adorable), so training him has been taking up a lot of my time these days.  Beyond that, I try to blog everyday, I go to school full time, work at my school, and also spend my time volunteering at a non-profit.  In between, I try to workout and exercise regularly, and of course spend time with friends and family.

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