Interview Session: Nashville bound Canadian born Rockstar Stevie Jewell

This year at BlogHer I got the pleasure of meeting Stevie Jewel, a Canadian born rock star fulfilling her dream in Nashville! Her drive...

This year at BlogHer I got the pleasure of meeting Stevie Jewel, a Canadian born rock star fulfilling her dream in Nashville! Her drive and ambition to accomplish her goals are incredible and I am so excited that Stevie agreed to an interview with City Chic Living about her blog and work. Also, check out her Chanel inspired The Ivory Closet Couture line Nashville Tee and shell feather earrings (available at

ME: How long have you had your blog and what inspired you to become an influencer?
I started casually blogging in 2008 and tried it on and off but then really got committed last spring when I started touring a lot more.  It took time for me to discover how to tie a career as a recording artists and musician into a blog, but eventually I discovered a balance!  Once I was able to fully incorporate music and my life that revolves around music into the blog I had so much more to talk about, and that's how I became an influencer!

ME: How would you describe your writing style and blog theme?
I write in the way that I speak, and in the way I write music.  I try to have a fluidity in my writing that would be reminiscent of my lyrical style in my songs, but to also keep a conversational tone.

ME: What is your greatest accomplishment thus far with your blog?
My musical accomplishments typically reflect on my blog so there are many musical moments that have made their way onto the site, but recently I was asked to sing at a wedding in Mexico and the bride and groom used the song I wrote specifically for them in their wedding video and then let me feature it on the blog!  It was a wonderful moment of synergy, because it combined my love of travel (Mexico), style (hello, wedding fashion!), and of course my great love of performing and music.

ME: How do you balance both jobs as a singer songwriter and influencer?
At first it was difficult because I didn't see them in the same sphere of work, but now talking about songwriting, or blogging about shows and the rehearsals and everything that goes into preparing has started to feel natural.  At this point, in my mind, they work really well together.  Once I got used to the idea of sharing many facets of the behind-the-scenes that is part of making music it all really came together.

ME: Describe a typical day in the life of Stevie.
This often depends on where I am, but it usually starts with a hot tea or a cappuccino.  Then a workout of some kind.  After that I answer emails, and then if I have a cowrite that day I'll prepare for that which means that all the preliminary work of keeping track of song ideas as they appear has been done.  If I don't have a cowrite, I'll typically be shooting for the blog or doing a solo write, which is common for me because I travel so much. My schedule varies a lot between writing, touring, recording, and then doing all the behind the scenes prep work that accompanies a musical release. My hours fluctuate as well depending on whether I have a late night show, a late studio session, or if I'm traveling, but anyone who has there own business knows that even though the work day typically ends at 5pm, you're probably still working at 8pm, you just may not be quite as focused!

Thank you for reading and check out Stevie Jewels music on over at her website!



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