Interview with Beach Life Blogger: Jenny Bess

I love every chance I get to network and meet new and incredible female leaders. Another awesome lady taking charge via fashion and lifes...

I love every chance I get to network and meet new and incredible female leaders. Another awesome lady taking charge via fashion and lifestyle blogging, Jenny Bess, has joined The Ivory Closet Style Icon group and I am just so excited to have this fashionista sporting our items!

ME: How long have you had your blog and what inspired you to become an influencer?

Jenny: I have had my blog for almost 3 years. I started it because I had just graduated high school and was working part-time but wanted a new hobby to take up. I had been reading blogs for a while, and was a Pinterest addict, so I decided to start a blog! I've always loved making things and fashion has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember so I created Sweet Teal to share easy DIY tutorials and my own personal style.

ME: How would you describe your writing style and blog theme?

Jenny: My writing style is pretty laid-back, like I'm writing to my friends. My theme is tropical and blue. I try to keeps things on theme when it comes to my photos and the outfits I share. Referring to my blog's name, Sweet Teal, my favorite color is teal and I think that shows!

ME: Tell us your favorite hidden treasure about life on the beach?
Jenny: Finding a hidden beach access! Pathways to the beach can be very beautiful and finding one that's picture perfect is like finding gold. I'm always on the look for new places to take pictures at for my blog and I prefer doing it by the beach.

ME: Is blogging your only profession? If not, what would your job title entail?

Jenny: Right now, blogging is my only profession and I'm so excited to be able to say that! Hopefully I can keep it up because I used to have a desk job and I would go crazy just sitting there for 8 hours straight. In addition, I do have an Etsy shop where I sell some of my handmade items, it's called Sweet Teal Co if you want to check it out!

ME: Describe a typical day in the life of Jenny.

Jenny: A typical day would be going to the beach with my boyfriend early in the morning, taking a walk, then a quick swim in the ocean. If I have anything I need to take photos in for my blog, I would take some photos while at the beach. Then it's home to our two dogs and I would make some lunch. Next, I'd start making something for a DIY post, which can take up the rest of the day. I like to do all of my photo editing and writing at night, when I'm usually more creative. That's pretty much how my days have been going recently and I can't complain!

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