Interview Sessions: Blogger Marbleously Petite Abby Chhabra

Time for another fabulous interview with beautiful fashion blogger Abby Chabra, who specializes her writing style in petite fashion and ...

Time for another fabulous interview with beautiful fashion blogger Abby Chabra, who specializes her writing style in petite fashion and beauty products. I had so much fun getting to know her and I am so glad she has become an Ivory Closet Style Icon so you will be seeing so much more of her over on The Ivory Closet Blog! Check out her interview here.

ME: How long have you had your blog and what inspired you to become an influencer?

ABBY: ​I actually just celebrated my one year blogiversary earlier this month! I've always loved fashion and dressing up even as a little girl! I knew I wanted to pursue a career in Fashion Marketing and was interning for an online fashion media website​ last Summer when a lightning bulb went off in my head - There I was literally pouring my blood, sweat, and tears into curating content for this fashion media website with little to no recognition when I could be building my own portfolio and have complete control over my content. That was when I took my first step towards becoming an influencer and Marblelously Petite was born!

ME: How would you describe your writing style and blog theme?

ABBY: My writing style is very laid back! I blog the way I talk, literally! I use a lot of capitalized letters and exclamation marks to show my enthusiasm and you'll see a ton of "haha"s​ and emojis throughout, too! I would say that I blog the way I would talk to my best friend! I have a very bubbly personality and my writing style exudes that! As for my blog theme, I would like to think that I'm a color enthusiast and have a mostly bright and colorful theme with a splash of marble thrown in, of course!!

ME: What is your greatest accomplishment thus far with your blog?

ABBY: Blogging has afforded me SO many amazing opportunities that I would never in a million years dream possible! My biggest accomplishment has got to be working with a California and Hawaii based swimwear company! They signed me on as one of their models for their body love campaign and I'm featured throughout their website and in stores where they have virtual mannequins set up! I visited the mall and got to see videos of myself in person and it was seriously such a surreal feeling, knowing I've come so far!

ME: Is blogging your full time gig? If not, What other titles do you hold?

ABBY: No, it's not but I hope to make it my full time gig one day! I'm a full time Marketing​ student in my last year at California State University Long Beach! I graduate Spring 2018, YAY! I also work part time at the Dean's office on campus!


ME: Describe a typical day in the life of Abby.

ABBY: Honestly, my life is pretty boring! haha During the day on weekdays, I'm either running between classes or at work! In the evening on weekdays, I'm either studying or scrambling to meet blogging deadlines! On the weekends, I spend time with my boyfriend of well over two years, Vic, and we try to shoot as many looks as possible! I may have to feed Vic ice cream in between shoots to keep him happy, though! I'm a HUGE TV show buff, so during my free time, I'm always catching up on my endless list of shows I watch!



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