Interviewing A Posh Paralegal

You all know how much I love to interview super busy ladies who are killing it in the realm of business, beauty, and fashion. Here is ano...

You all know how much I love to interview super busy ladies who are killing it in the realm of business, beauty, and fashion. Here is another fashionista who has great taste in fashion (she is wearing a beautiful maxi from The Ivory Closet) and is climbing her way to the top in life with her awesome job and super fashionable blog. Meet Allison Glessner of A Posh Paralegal.


ME: How long have you had your blog and what inspired you to become an influencer?
I've had my blog since late 2014 and my best friend, also known as my mom, convinced me to start a blog! She's been my inspiration for A Posh Paralegal and without her, A Posh Paralegal would not be what it is today.

ME: How would you describe your writing style and blog theme?
My writing style is exactly how I speak. I've always been honest and upfront on my blogposts and how you read my posts would be the same as if you were having an in person conversation with me. I chose to keep my blog true to what I wanted even when marketing teams tried to steer me in a different direction. If you visit A Posh Paralegal, you'll see more of a website rather than just a standard blog. It's exactly how I want it and I hope my readers enjoy it!

ME: What is your greatest accomplishment thus far with your blog?
I've had the opportunity to work with amazing brands and I am beyond grateful for all of it. One of my greatest accomplishments thus far is teaming up with Henri Bendel and Nordstrom. That's when I really had my 'pinch me' moment.

ME: How do you balance both jobs as a paralegal and influencer?
It's a lot easier than it looks! I am lucky enough to work for an amazing and understanding firm with a supportive superior. I take pride and love my career as a real estate paralegal so I don't look at either blogging nor my position at my firm as jobs. They say if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. And that is true!

ME: Describe a typical day in the life of Allison.
A typical day as me? Oh boy, okay! Well I spend my weekdays in my office balancing real estate transactions and Instagram posts. I also believe in having 'you' time so I take 'me' time every night at kickboxing and yoga. From there I like to end the night with either dinner with my friends or family and of course, champagne!

Be sure to follow Allison's Blog: A POSH PARALEGAL to keep up with her style findings and to keep up with her super busy yet fabulously fashionable life.




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