Getting Reconnected as a Couple + Peabody Junior Suite Giveaway

Two kids, businesses, and life in general leaves no time for a husband and wife to spend quality time together. This past weekend, we e...

Two kids, businesses, and life in general leaves no time for a husband and wife to spend quality time together. This past weekend, we enjoyed 24 hours together shut out from the rest of the world and boy did we indulge. Check out our experience here and enter to win your very own getaway in one of The Peabody's junior suites.
 This post is sponsored by the Peabody Hotel of Memphis, however all reviews, photos, and experiences are my own. I always write with complete honesty on my experiences. 

We began our experience with an intimate couples massage at Feather's Salon and Spa in the basement of the historic Peabody Hotel. The experience was nothing less than pure relaxation. We were ushered into our separate dressing rooms where a robe and slippers awaited us. We stripped down, got cozy, and met in the serenity room, enjoying a cup of fresh lemon water while we waited for our professional masseuses to take us to our tables.

Ben and I chose the Relaxation Massage with hot stones and an oil treatment for our scalp. When I tell you I felt like my soul hovered in the in between space of this world and the next, it was something special. I literally let go of all the stresses of life, completely unwinding into nothingness. Sounds crazy I know, but you will just have to grab your hubby and experience it for yourself!

After our massages, we spent time in the steam room and then the sauna. I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep! Once we were as mellow as we could possibly get, we took a shower and headed up to the lobby bar to watch the world famous duck march! I have seen it before but never really received the full presentation of the duck master telling historical stories before escorting the ducks to their rooftop home.


Fun Fact: The Peabody ducks began as a prank inspired by Jack Daniels! See the photo above to read the story.

 We spent a few hours together having our favorite cocktails and catching up. The Mimosas and Bloody Mary's are on point! Before we knew it, it was 8:30 pm and our tummy's were rumbling. We decided to have a romantic dinner in the privacy of our suite.

The Celebrity Suite was pretty magnificent. It had a full sized living, dining, bed, and bathroom with a half kitchenette. When dinner arrived to our room, it was definitely a feast for a couple of VIP's, well at least The Peabody made us feel like VIPs. We decided that since the robes in the spa were extremely comfortable we would take advantage of the robes left in our room for dinner attire.


If you haven't noticed by now, EVERYTHING at The Peabody is branded duck! Even the butter at dinner were molds of little duckies.  The dinner was 5 star in my book. We both had Caesar salads. I chose the salmon and Ben went for chicken fried chicken. Chocolate covered strawberries and champagne arrived for deserve compliments of The Peabody which we enjoyed into the evening while watching movies.

The next morning we took advantage of a quiet room and met the morning on our own time. Let's just say that it is easy to miss the morning when you are getting a good night's sleep on a Peabody bed. I wonder where they get their mattresses? I digress.

I began the morning in the bathroom to get ready for yet another fun filled day. Of course, I was greeted with the signature Peabody duck. By this time, I had decided that the ducks would make the perfect touch to my home and made it my mission to snag some duck soaps in the gift shop downstairs.

We made our way down to Capriccio Grill where we were served our favorites, french pressed coffee, french toast, and waffless.

Of course you can guess where my next stop was, to the shops! I browsed the main mall of the hotel and found myself swooning over Lansky's many stores, especially the Accessory Shop. So many great  pieces to add statement to any look!

Ben and I both enjoy historical stories and artifacts, before ending our stay, we made our way to the memorabilia room were we stepped back to the birth of the hotel.

Elvis' very first record contract was signed in the lobby of this beautiful establishment on The Peabody Hotel letterhead.

Many famous musicians, actors, and politicians of the day were guests of The Peabody.

For the millennials out there, they had phone stations and phone booths! I barely remember them as a child myself. Talk about a real trip back in time.

The exquisite detail of architecture, furniture, painting, fixture, you could meander through the halls of The Peabody forever! 

I must say, this was truly a gift for my husband and I as we had no clue how stressed and distant we really were until we took a 24 hour staycation! We have decided to make this an annual mommy/daddy outing.

We want you to get The Peabody experience too! We are giving away a one night stay in The Peabody's junior suite. Just enter to win below!


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