Your 2018 Family Planning + Free Printables

  As Momma, main planner and emotional supporter of my household, I am always looking for ways to improve our family dynamic and success ...

As Momma, main planner and emotional supporter of my household, I am always looking for ways to improve our family dynamic and success as a group of people who love each other working together for the greater good. Sounds like a business deal I know but honestly it is a very smart way to get the family expectations all ironed out for 2018. This exercise is actually a great way for the whole family to stay in check, know each others goals and aspirations, and work together to help and support each individual on their personal journey and the familial journey as a whole.


  1. Set up a time for the entire family to meet.
  2. Print up a Family Planning sheet for each individual in the family which you will gain access to once you submit your email in the form below!
  3.  Fill out your individual Family Planning Sheet and attend the family meeting. Make sure when filling out your individual sheet you write down quantitative goals, meaning, set a number to your goals so that they can be easily tracked. For example, deposit $100 extra dollars a month to my retirement plan or, grow my monthly business by 10%.
  4. Attend the first family meeting.
  5. Schedule the Mid-Year Review meeting and attend.
  6. End 2018 with a close out meeting at the beginning of December. Then, take a month to reflect on 2018's goals before completing your Family Planning sheet for the 2019 meeting that should be held the last week of December within 5 days of the new year.

Have each individual come to the meeting with their individual Family Planning sheet filled out.
 During the meeting, go around the table and let each family member read off their individual goals in each category. Practice active listening. No interruptions! Once everyone reads off their goals, discuss similarities and record them.
This is about working together as a family! If your goals differ from the family's, it doesn't mean that you as an individual cannot work on them, but it is easier to support each other in similar goals so those goals will be the focus for this meeting.


Grow your 401K
Save for a trip
Cut out on frivolous spending
Save by eating in more.

Meet a certain career goal
Grow your small business by 10% year over year
Gain ____ number of clients in 2018 

Lose ____lbs.
Cut out soft drinks
Cut out alcohol
Go to the gym ____ days per week

Enjoy a new hobby as a family
Choose a day for family dates
Eat at the table
Start crafternoons

Choose a charity to donate to
Work ___ days for a non-profit
Join a non-profit club
Donate your time in your church
Become more active in helping out a small business.

Check in with each other at the end of each quarter (March, June, Sept, Dec). During the Mid-Year check in, record any changes that you would like to make to your goals. Were the goals that you set in the beginning of the year realistic? Did you set yourself up to fail? If so, adjust your personal goals as a family during the mid-year review. Be realistic.  It's ok to shoot for the starts but if you feel the pressure is on and you think you were way off on your expectations, its ok to make minor adjustments.

Here are some great new year's reads for helping you to reach your goals! Click your favorites to learn more!



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